They sacrificed and fought for our freedom, now we believe it’s our turn to support their freedom to Thrive!

About the Program

The Warrior Arts Program is a therapeutic restorative program that provides Veterans with creative opportunities through art to heal from the emotional and physical traumas of war. This program will provide each Veteran with both individual and group instruction in all art mediums, including sculpting, and will include all art supplies. These are 2 hour classes in which each Veteran student can participate, up to 2 times per week.

Art Restores

Trauma needs to be processed. PTSD is the most common symptom of repressed and unresolved trauma in Veterans. Art provides a creative and non-intrusive way for Veterans to process their trauma. Memories and emotions are stored in the right brain. Through creative expression, repressed emotions and memories from trauma have a safe pathway to process, allowing for a greater sense of hope and well-being.

The program also provides a healthy and artistic environment for Veterans to build a sense of community through making friendships, co-creating with fellow artists and sharing their stories through narratives created through art.

Veteran students will also have the opportunity to showcase their art work and artistic talent through the school’s galleries and community events.

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Thank you for your support!