“It’s fun to do something new and different that I haven’t done in 50 years.”

Pete Sorenson


“Since I became a paraplegic, I needed to find new ways to help keep my healthy. I found out about this art school and that it was close to where I live. I thought I would give it a try. I am astonished by what I have accomplished in about a year’s time. I look forward to my lessons. The teachers are there to help you and are very patient with me. I am working with oil paint which is something I have never worked with before.”

Bob Savage


“I enjoy being at the Fine Arts School in the Pines because I get such pleasure in painting. And we have such wonderful instruction here. The surroundings are pleasant and fun and the people all have much in common. When I started a year and a half ago, I felt like a new student, as we all do, and we quickly learn so fast. If this is something you have always wanted to try, jump in! You will find you have an inner talent you never explored!”

Carmen Hansen


“This is my granddaughter. The picture is funny to me as she lives in Arizona where it is hot, so my daughters dressed her up silly, this is my 4th painting.”

Debbie Montelongo


“This is the first drawing I did at FASITP that I did with colored pencils. I chose this picture because I wanted to draw a person and I think Indians are cool!”

Emily Foletta


“My time at the Fine Art School has been very enjoyable! This class has taught me to be patient with my work. It has been very fun to see the progress in my work and also the other artists. This school is something that I look forward to coming to every week!”

Luke Rogers


“My name is Lynette and my daughter Kylie & I have been attending the Fine Arts in the Pines for over a year. Although oil painting is our chosen medium, we also enjoy learning about sculpture, drawing shading, pastels and water color. We go from one application to the next, then back again.

Doug is a very patient and perceptive instructor. He has a way of nurturing and encouraging the student to develop their own art style and do their best work possible.

Dennis is completely different. He has an edginess about him and a more impressionistic style with a fun personality. His ability to mix and determine color is phenomenal. After spending time with Dennis you start to see the world through different eyes, noticing different color tones, shades and hues.

Both Doug and Dennis are fantastic and encouraging instructors. I gain huge amounts of knowledge and expertise. But one of the things I really enjoy the most, are the people that attend the classes. It is something about the being around excited, creative and art driven people that has really made a big impact on my artistic creativity and has pushed my desire to continue to include art in my life. I suffer with constant chronic back and neck pain and Art has been a great distraction from the pain. The positive and inspiring atmosphere has been a great gift to my life in many ways.

Truly, you will be inspired by attending Fine Arts School in the Pines. You will start to notice the beauty that surrounds you in everyday life through noticing the little details and colors in life. Your eyes and life will be impacted positively. You will meet inspiring, wonderful people and will be able to express yourself and the world around you by the Art you create. ”

Lynette Hoy-Dingmann


“I have a huge passion for the arts and this school has enabled me to bring out my artistic talent with painting and drawing like I never knew, this school is AWESOME!”

Melissa Egan


“This is my 3rd oil painting at FASITP. This is a painting of a picture I took several years ago on Highway 88 in Hope Valley, CA. I chose this landscape to paint because I just love fall colors.”

Pegge Aguilar


“This is my fourth oil painting at FASITP. I chose this painting because my husband has been wanting me to paint his sister who lives in Jordan. He will be so happy it is finished.”

Rickey Khader


“My name is Sean and I am a student at Fine Arts School in the Pines. I attend this school because I enjoy art. They have taught me lots of different techniques. I have learned watercolor, shading, chalk, oil paints and clay sculptures. My favorites are oil paint. They have taught me to take art to a new level that I love and really enjoy doing. I would recommend Fine Arts School to any one, any age. Everyone is very patient and helpful.”

Sean Thompson


“Katy, the With All My Art instructor, is super sweet and runs a great kids program at the school. She is engaging and encouraging, and helps the kids open up artistically and tap into their creativity. Katy is a gift to the school and the community.”

Jessica Jazzmin Martin