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Zombie gets kidnapped from The Fine Arts School In The Pines flower bed

by Margaret Ames


Zombie Get Kidnapped Anyone who knows the whereabouts of our zombie, please give us a call at 530-366-5116. Please note that zombies love human flesh and tend to be voracious. We cannot be responsible for what she does. Zombiologists and specialists tried numerous attempts to treat zombie to regain her human form again. Treatments were…

Cassius Clay, Better Known As Muhammad Ali, Is A Memorial Sculpture

by Margaret Ames

Cassius Clay, Better Known As Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali is depicted as the champion he was by Thea Cinnamon Macker. The sculpture is drafted at The Fine Art School In The Pines. Soon it will be gutted out (clay will be shaved from the interior and the armature consisting of a wooden dowel, base and…

Legends of Zelda Majora’s Mask is Depicted in Clay

by Margaret Ames

Spencer White finally declared he was finished with his artistic challenge. Not working in clay before, Spencer decides to dapple in clay at The Fine Art School In The Pines. Once fired, his mask was painted in acrylic paint. He glazed the eyes for more realistic effects.

Candling Your Sculptures Before Firing

by Margaret Ames

In ceramics, candling refers to the process of slowly heating up the kiln and ware inside the kiln in order to dry the work.  The temperature is 200F degrees which is just below boiling point.  It is the water pockets, not air pockets that cause explosions of sculptures.  When water boils, it turns into a…

Young Sculptors Want to Continue Creating in Clay at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames

It has become Kiki Demetris’s medium of choice to work in clay. Once she started sculpting, she found out that she does not want to work in anything else right now. So far, she is on her sixth sculpture. She is working on Jerry the mouse from the Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Her previous works…

Sculpting Clint Eastwood at the El Dorado Business Showcase

by Margaret Ames

Any Rawhide fans out there? During the El Dorado Business Showcase, Thea Cinnamon sculpted Clint Eastwood depicted in his younger years. If you liked him as Rowdy Yates in Rawhide or Joe in Fistful of Dollars, this is the time period that she chose for Clint Eastwood’s bust. She chose black and white images because…

Game Of Thrones Fans Check Out this Sculpture at Fine Arts School in the Pines!

by Margaret Ames

Thea Cinnamon sculpted Kit Harington as Jon Snow in the series Game Of Thrones. The finished sculpture will be auctioned off to raise money for The Fine Arts School In The Pines. Due to the nature of clay, there is a slow drying process. It will take a few months to be bone dry before…

Cherie Fechner Sculpts a “Dragon” Tree for the Sculpting Program at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames


Look closely. Something whimsical came out of a picture of a tree! Cherie Fechner had fun with this project. The photo of the tree looked like a dragon was sleeping and she saw faces in the trunk. She learned textures and depth in clay helps depict the darks and lights seen in her original picture.…