Special Programs

The Fine Art School in the Pines is more than just a school that offers fine art instruction to its students. It is an organization made up of people who value the importance of outreach to support and enrich the lives of the Eldorado community. As a 501 c(3) nonprofit we are constantly exploring new and creative ways to provide opportunities to enhance health and wellness in others.

Arts & Hearts

We understand the therapeutic benefits of Art and how it offers a person an alternative way to work through painful and traumatic experiences to reach a greater place of well-being.

FAITP launched the Arts & Hearts program in 2016, which focuses on building a strong partnerships with other nonprofit and community-focused organizations who share the same goal of providing creative opportunities that provide hope, healing and purpose to those who are faced with difficult challenges. We believe that when we join in community we build a healthier community!

Partnerships & Programs

Cancer Care

Marshall Hospital
& Image of Hope

Offering sponsored art classes at the school for past and present cancer patients and their family members.

The Warrior Arts


A therapeutic restorative program that provides veterans with creative opportunities through art to heal…

Arts& Hearts
in the Works!

  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Seniors
  • Foster Youth
  • Veterans
  • Grief & Loss
  • Memory Care
  • Teens & Adolescents
  • Art in Nature