Fine Art School Receives $2500 donation!

by Margaret Ames


$2500 Donation

The Fine Arts School in the Pines is a non-profit 501c3, it is donations like this that enable us to provide art lessons for all ages for our community. We would like to give a giant thank you to Mike Munoz for organizing this poker tournament event at the school. All proceeds went to the school!

If you haven’t had a chance to stop in and say hello, please do! Bring your friends and family as there is so much to enjoy. You will see drawings, paintings and sculpture from people of all ages. With each piece of artwork comes the story and an inspiration that is both encouraging, motivating and many of which is heartwarming!

Most of our students artwork is on display for all to see it anytime when school is open. If you happen to be walking by after hours, simply peek in the window as there is much to see as well.

Donations are how we survive and is a 100% right off for you (-:

if you are interested in donating, even if it’s $10 or $20, that will provide 3 students with supplies (which are included in the monthly tuition).

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