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At Academy of Fine Art in the Pines 

Students work on individual projects during regular class hours.  We teach acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, drawing, gouache, conte, plein air and watercolor painting.  We also offer highly advanced seminars in all of these media.  At times we offer sculpture classes as well.  Please refer to our workshop page for advanced classes

Hours: Currently closed due to Corona Virus- ONLINE CLASSES COMING SHORTLY

Prices:All Prices can be pro-rated should a student wish to upgrade:

1 class $35

2 classes  $60

4 classes  $95

8 classes  $115

Classes are to be used one month from date of first class. You are guarrenteed 3 classes in a month, but the good news is that some months have 4 or even 5 classes. 

Please visit our assorted workshop tabs above for special event.

  $35                                      $60                                        $95                                 $115

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