Bumgarner Winery Paint & Pour A Huge Success!

by Margaret Ames


Bumgarner Winery Paint & Pour

Most recently, the school hosted a Paint and Pour at Bumgarner Winery in Camino, CA.  Everyone had a fantastic time sipping wine and creating a piece of fine art.  And a special appearance by the schools original founder, Douglas Pearson, Sr. otherwise known as “Daddy Doug” for his patient teaching methods. His assistance at the event was most appreciated and helped to make it a success!!

The school also hosted an event at the studio location in Placerville, CA. The event was held by Senior Art Director, Vanda Lavar. Vanda chose the iconic “Emerald Bay” of South Lake Tahoe, CA as her image for the event. The group thoroughly enjoyed the experience and everyone walked away with their personalized vision of Emerald Bay inspired by their own happy memories. Ms. Lavar creates unique paint and pour art designs which ensure student success through her careful step by step process of teaching beginners. We look forward to her new series of paint and pour images based upon travel destinations and emblematic themes.

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