About Us

Our Mission

The Fine Arts School in the Pines is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization and was founded to foster artistic development and continued practice of the visual arts including drawing; painting and sculpture for students of all ages. The school was inspired by the natural beauty of the area. Its majestic surroundings which manifest the creative aspirations of nature is strongly supported by the art school. Our professional instructors and artists fully embrace its value in reinforcing the social, emotional and intellectual development of its students.

Who We Are

The Fine Arts School in the Pines opened its doors August 9th, 2012 and is the brainchild of Doug Pearson, a man of great passion and vision.  His ultimate goal has been to bring fine arts to Eldorado County through making it available to everyone through offering low cost student tuition and a free gallery for local artists and students to display their art.  Art enthusiasts can come and see local artists’ works in progress.  His heart is in building a community within a community of artists, sponsors and anyone who holds the desire to support the ongoing development of the school.  The possibilities are endless….

Whatever the medium, art touches everyone and the Fine Arts School in the Pines seeks to create opportunities for people to experience and explore their inner artist.  It is the mindset and core belief of the art school that this creative nature exists within every person.  Our instructors are established artists with an accomplished and strong history in art education.  Most importantly, each student is approached with patience, encouragement and the belief that they are capable of great things, even before their brush touches the canvas.  It is through this positive reflection that students become inspired and motivated to reach levels of creative expression that were never before thought possible. There is nothing like seeing a student grow in confidence and creativity.  That is the heartbeat of the Fine Arts School in the Pines – positive change within the community it serves.

We Are Growing

What started out as a small nonprofit Fine Arts school on Pony Express Rd in Pollock Pines, CA, is growing into so much more, within the areas of special programs, community outreach and special events. We are excited about all that is happening creatively and look forward to the future!


Community Art Gallery

Come visit our expansive art collection that showcases local emerging, established and acclaimed artists. We are continually seeking out the most beautiful and visually stunning pieces of Art, Paintings and Sculpture to enhance the community’s Love of Art! .