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Student Prodigy Celebrates Birthday at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames


Student Prodigy Celebrates Birthday Dakota Daniels has been with the school since he was fourteen years old, today however is his eighteenth birthday. He likes coming here to the school because he thinks its fun to paint. Not only is he a great artist and we all enjoy his paintings to look at in our…

Student Paints Tribute Portrait of Her Grandfather

by Margaret Ames


Student Paints Tribute Portrait Here is one of my favorite students at our school. Her name is Regina Thorson. She is painting a tribute portrait in memory of her grandfather John Alexander Thorson. She came to us because her grandfather saw her drawings and knew she had an artistic side in her. John asked her…

First Paint & Palette Class in the New Year

by Margaret Ames

New Year

First class of the new year! Come in sign up and join our paint and palette class, this is an opportunity to explore your inner artist. With guidance from our resident artist, Dennis Von Zamory. You will leave with a creative painting of your own. Fun for all ages. It’s this Friday, January 27, 2017…

Girls Exploring Their Inner Artist During All Girl Class at Fine Arts School In The Pines

by Margaret Ames


Girls Exploring Their Inner Artist Thursday’s here during an all girls class part of the With All My Art Program at our school, Fine Arts School in The Pines. The girls are exploring their inner artist together and building friendships and a sisterhood. Making art is their journey together. Here they are doing an interpretive art…