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Legends of Zelda Majora’s Mask is Depicted in Clay

by Margaret Ames

Spencer White finally declared he was finished with his artistic challenge. Not working in clay before, Spencer decides to dapple in clay at The Fine Art School In The Pines. Once fired, his mask was painted in acrylic paint. He glazed the eyes for more realistic effects.

Fine Art School’s El Dorado Paint & Wine Event is a Success!!

by Margaret Ames

The Fine Art School in the Pines second Paint and Palette Event at Crystal Basin Cellars Winery brought out big smiles once more, including Cathy Zuber, from the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, whose enthusiasm and impressive artistic style reflected well the fun and creativity of the event. With expert instruction by Dennis Von…

Happy Birthday, Kyle A. Carrozza, The Creator of The Mighty Magisword!

by Margaret Ames

Thea Cinnamon was commissioned by John Berry, nephew and story board artist at Cartoon Networks, to create an action pose of Prohyas who is one of the major characters in the cartoon. She worked on the sculpture at The Fine Arts School In The Pines and flew down last weekend to deliver the sculpture to…

Candling Your Sculptures Before Firing

by Margaret Ames

In ceramics, candling refers to the process of slowly heating up the kiln and ware inside the kiln in order to dry the work.  The temperature is 200F degrees which is just below boiling point.  It is the water pockets, not air pockets that cause explosions of sculptures.  When water boils, it turns into a…