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Confidential Leak! Can you “Picture” this? A Fine Art Photography class at Fine Arts School in the Pines!

by Margaret Ames


Yes! We have begun preliminary discussions with a local professional photographer, David J Grenier, to design a photography workshop for members and friends of the Fine Arts School in the Pines. So stay tuned for more information! This program will benefit all artists, no matter what medium they choose. Artists who struggle with modern photography…

New Artists Make Satisfying Creations at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames


Meet our new student artists, Sharon Twomey, Judith Ueda, and Cherry Blossom Zenor, who have accomplished complex compositions with perseverance. It is not easy doing a field of daisies but Sharon managed to make the composition a success! This is her first painting. Now she is painting a sea turtle. It already looks amazing. Judith…

Young Sculptors Want to Continue Creating in Clay at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames


It has become Kiki Demetris’s medium of choice to work in clay. Once she started sculpting, she found out that she does not want to work in anything else right now. So far, she is on her sixth sculpture. She is working on Jerry the mouse from the Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Her previous works…

Sculpting Clint Eastwood at the El Dorado Business Showcase

by Margaret Ames


Any Rawhide fans out there? During the El Dorado Business Showcase, Thea Cinnamon sculpted Clint Eastwood depicted in his younger years. If you liked him as Rowdy Yates in Rawhide or Joe in Fistful of Dollars, this is the time period that she chose for Clint Eastwood’s bust. She chose black and white images because…

The El Dorado Business Expo Was a Huge Success

by Margaret Ames


The Fine Arts School In The Pines team wants to thank everyone who volunteered to work the booth at the El Dorado Business Expo, Friday, March 11. We had a terrific time and could not have made it a success without your help. The rain was a powerful force that could damper anyone’s fun but…

Fine Art School In The Pines Donated a Gift Certificate for Free Lessons to Benefit the Homeless Shelter Last Year

by Margaret Ames


The lucky recipient was Terry Crisp who won the certificate at the homeless shelter benefit that was before Christmas last year. Terry was excited to have a creative adventure with her two daughters Amy and Jennifer. All the students decided to do something whimsical in clay.

Come Join Us Center Stage at the El Dorado Business Show and I Love Film

by Margaret Ames


Come join us center stage at the El Dorado Business Showcase & I love Film Friday, March 2016 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. Free Admission to the public. Food, Wine and Beer tasting. Meet and Mingle with film specialists. Featured student artist Dakota Daniels with featured instructor Thea Cinnamon. Attention local artists. Fine Arts…

All You David Bowie Fans, Take A Look At This!

by Margaret Ames


Wendi Siri, one of our fine portrait students, is working on a painting in memory of David Bowie. “I have to have a passion for the subject in order to paint it” she said. Since David Bowie passed away recently, it is nice to honor an artist in the musical field with visual arts. Wendy’s…