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Melissa Eagan Successfully Creates a Portrait of her Friend’s Child

by Margaret Ames


Meet Melissa Egan who has successfully created a portrait of her friend’s child. The painting is called “Owen” and is painted in oils. Portraiture can be a contest of skill if you have never done it before. When you have a poor photo reference, there are greater challenges. Initially, Melissa had difficulty with the image…

Cherie Fechner Sculpts a “Dragon” Tree for the Sculpting Program at Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Margaret Ames


Look closely. Something whimsical came out of a picture of a tree! Cherie Fechner had fun with this project. The photo of the tree looked like a dragon was sleeping and she saw faces in the trunk. She learned textures and depth in clay helps depict the darks and lights seen in her original picture.…

Equestrian Fever Strikes Art Students at Fine Arts School in The Pines

by Margaret Ames


It is equestrian fever at The Fine Arts School in the Pines. Any horse lover, whether they ride English or Western, would appreciate the talents of Thea Cinnamon, Julie De Silva, Kiki Demetris and Emily Foletta. With the new programs in clay as the medium, our green artists are broken in to this new medium…

Pollock Pines Artist Awes Others with his Handmade Furniture

by Margaret Ames


Ford Osborn, a new student at the Fine Arts in the Pines shared with his fellow students and staff his other craft of Handmade Furniture! We all stood in awe with jaws dropped as Ford humbly explained to us the process it took to create this stunning chair and work of art. It is made…

Give the Gift of Art for Christmas

by Margaret Ames


What a better gift to give someone who loves art or wants to explore their inner artist than giving one month of art classes with all supplies included for only $65! That is only $8.13 a class! For more information and to purchase this gift certificate that keeps on giving just see our website. Click…

Young artist goes from Pencil Sketches to Oil Painting in less than one month

by Margaret Ames


Meet Isabel Rodriguez. Isabel is 11 years old and has always loved to draw since she was 4 years old. She came to the Fine Arts School in the Pines to learn how to become a serious artist. Since her first day Isabel learned how to make effective pencil sketches. Less than four months ago,…

A Holiday Gift of Art Classes at the Placerville Christmas Parade!

by Margaret Ames


It was a great day for the Fine Arts School in the Pines to spread the joy of the Holiday with a gift of art classes.  With a truck, some easels, paintings, and red bone hound, huge smiles were returned as the Fine Arts School’s staff was able to meet and greet with the gift…

Get a Tee Shirt with your painting on the back with the Fine Arts School in the Pines Logo

by Margaret Ames


If you become a student of the Fine Arts School in the Pines you can have a painting of yours put on the back with the  Fine Arts School in the Pines logo. On the front is the school logo and your name. What a fun way to show your creativity off to friends, family…

Veteran Of Fine Arts School in the Pines Paints Oils of Dogs and Cars

by Margaret Ames


Bob Savage is a veteran of the Fine Arts School in the Pines. Since the doors opened, he has been painting and has shown others how physical challenges do not have to be hindrances in doing what makes you happy. Bobs’ paintings depict images of old cars and animals. Many of Bob’s paintings are done…

A belated hats off to Isabella Ryder for her quilted images at the 49th Mother Lode Art Exhibition in Placerville, CA

by Margaret Ames


A belated hats off to Isabella J. Ryder, Board Member and contributing artist for the Fine Arts School in the Pines, for being one of the exhibiting artists at the 49th Mother Lode Art Exhibition held at the beautiful venue of the Shakespeare Club in Placerville, CA. Isabella portrays quilted images patterned in complementary colors.…