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Testimonial from Mike Munoz

by Meghan Bean

  • Posted on March 25, 2015

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I had never painted anything more than my living room before I began classes at Fine Art in the Pines. I am now on my third painting and find myself enjoying myself very much. Doug and Dennis, my instructors are great. My first picture of a winery door was difficult, but with their help I…

Young Talent!

by Meghan Bean

  • Posted on March 21, 2015

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Emily Foletta is miles ahead of your average 10 year old! That’s right, she’s just 10 years old. She’s been with Fine Arts in the Pines for nearly two years. She started out with Drawing Fundamentals class, and working into oils pastels and sculpting as she progressed. She is doing fantastic with every medium she’s tried,…

Grandma and Grandson Paint Together!

by Meghan Bean

  • Posted on March 18, 2015

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This is Christina Banks’ first oil painting ever… We’ll allow for a collective “Wow.” Christina is a gifted painter, as well as a proud grandma! She brings her grandson into paint, and says it’s a wonderful way to spend time together. Christina has continued to progress these past few months, and is doing really well.…

Bob’s Beach Painting

by Meghan Bean


Bob Savage has done some amazing work lately! Being in a wheelchair, Bob says that coming in to paint is really good therapy. While painting his pain goes away and rest of the world disappears. He just really enjoys spending time developing his talents at the Fine Arts In The Pines school. Bob started out…

Art the Artist!

by Meghan Bean

  • Posted on March 16, 2015

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Art started out with us about year ago. He mainly works with acrylic paint and illustration. He is enjoying his retirement, formerly working as a house cleaner. He loves painting, and has created 6 paintings with us. We’re very proud as he’s currently selling some of his paintings! He has some on display in a…

Testimonial for Fine Arts School in the Pines

by Meghan Bean

  • Posted on March 2, 2015

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My daughter started attending this awesome school and was immediately in love. She’s always been a creative kid, but Doug has taught her the techniques to take her “art” to another level.  He’s great with young kids, as my daughter is only 8 years old.  She loves coming to Art Class and is sad when…